Clean fuel

Always clean diesel without filters

Polluted diesel is a major threat to your equipment. It may eventually cause clogged filters, damaged tanks or increased wear. With CentriFuel you are always assured of clean fuel. With the latest technology, the fuel is optimally cleaned without any filter to be replaced. This not only reduces the risk of failure of your equipment, but also saves you a lot on maintenance costs. With our various CentriFuel products, we can provide you with the exact solution you need.

Clean, cleaner, cleanest

After the contaminated fuel has been pumped from the external fuel tank into the CentriFuel unit, the separator unit centrifuges it, in order to separate dirt, bacteria, algae and water from the diesel. The solids are collected in the separation bowl and water flows into a sludge tank, including the bacteria and algae. The clean diesel is pumped in a separate clean fuel tank.

Easy in use

After the fuel has been cleaned, your diesel engines, power packs, compressors or generator sets can be easily filled with clean diesel using the filling nozzle and a reel with a 20-meter fuel hose. The fuel separator is easy to use during onshore and offshore activities.


Less risk
of shutdown

(no filters/ extended lifetime of your equipment)

to maintain


CentriFuel FWS-12-SA

CentriFuel FWS-12-3000

CentriFuel FWS-12-3000-L

CentriFuel FWS-12-4000-10ft

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